Sunday, February 3, 2013

Okay, I give up !

Okay, I give up !
 No, really and truly, I give up ! 
 My blog was at another host and I decided to consolidate everything  here on  Google.   I figured it would be no big deal to copy , paste, relocate,  or transfer  many of the posts from my old blog to my new one.   Wrong !  After nearly a month of fiddling with and attempting everything I could think of, read about, or have offered by others on how to do it, all I had was a hodgepodge of stuff . Simply not acceptable. Nope, no way !

Thus, decision was made to simply to take  a little ramble through the happenings of 2012. So grab a cuppa and a snack, and let's start this journey , shall we ?

In February of 2012 conditions of  the house we were renting became so bad we were forced to move. The house was  located in the lowlands next to the reservoir . We trekked farther south in the state and moved into a single wide mobile located on the side of a mountain, in the bend of a river !   It was a horrid undertaking in truly miserable weather. Had to leave many storage cupboards, layout tables, and other things behind. All the critters we call " family' made the trip safely and love their new home. 

The spring and summer were spent clearing property and repairing things. Managed to plant a small garden and grow a few things. Several very old apple trees and some cherry trees here, plus tons of blackberry vines meant lots of fruit to can and dry.  

 Can't wait for next year's garden ! 

 Added a few new gals to the flock, said good bye to a beloved fur baby. 

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