Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors...
“For many, they are merely a passing flight of fancy, flittering about the childhood imagination and dissolving on impact into sceptical adulthood. Who in their right mind believes in fairies? Well, for fairy researcher Jonathan Wright, a 46-year-old storyteller and illustrator, and fellow residents of the quaint but quirky Michigan town of Ann Arbor (all of whom are in full control of their mental faculties), fairies are as real as the tiny doors that have been mysteriously popping up around town - numbering at least 20 to date.”

By Mel Bezalel  - The Guardian, Friday 23 June 2006

This creative swap involved the members of the Polymer Clay Swaps on Facebook . The challenge was to create a fairy door using polymer clay. You could include other materials if you wanted.

Off to the research lab of course . So many different styles and varieties ! The fairies of the world can hardly be bored . There were doors of stained glass , wooden, ceramic, fabric, clay, stone, and every other material .

We received our partners names today ! ( November 8th ) My partner is Patty Woods of the USA . You can read more about her on her Facebook page - . We agreed on a Celtic theme for our doors.

Here is the little fairy door I sent to her.

It is a free standing piece measuring about 5 inches tall.

You can see the wonderful creations the others exchanged here -

*Sad note : sorry to say I never received a fairy door from my partner.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

4th Do Over Challenge Reveal

The time has come for us to reveal what we created from the Do Over jewelry !
Are you curious to see what I did ?

A refresher on the items I was given ...
Which yielded these components to work with ...

The necklace and earrings I received  in my packet were made mostly of glass beads. These tend to be heavy and thick. My first reaction to the set when I removed it from the envelope and laid it on my work table was "too much of a good thing" . So I set out to create a design that would support the weight of the glass beads yet open up the piece so the hearts were the points of interest.

I separated a few of the beads out for a special project. Now, what were the balance of the beads telling me ?

The first thing to catch my attention was the clasp . A heart holding its partner.  Bringing closure to the circle. And going around & around in a circle is what I did the next few days. After much arranging & rearranging, stringing & taking apart, setting it aside & coming back later I settled on this design.

I have shown the necklace & earrings I created .

Remember  the soft pink heart beads I held out ?
I share a birth date with  a special young lady in England , Yes, Izzy, I am talking about you !  She has a passion for horses .  This set is for her !

I used the large red glass heart with other elements to create a purse fob decoration.

This is what I started with

And this is what I had left in the end.

Do Over Challenge Blog Hop List

Miranda Ackerley
Charlene Jacka

More on the 4th Do Over Challenge

There was a note included in the packet with a description of what was expected from you. One of the requirements was you must use at least 50% of the Do Over piece.We were allowed to add beads and components from our own stash. 
How  to chose a starting point in a project like this ? Taking the pieces apart to see what there actually was to work with seemed like the logical thing to do .

After separating the pieces I noticed the paler colored hearts were not white and clear as I first thought, but, a soft pale pink and clear glass. Immediately I knew that I would use them to make a gift for a certain young lady I share a birth date with.  That story will come later.
Determined that there are enough beads left to satisfy the requirement of using more than 50% of the original in the new creation.  Off to the design board. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

4th Do Over Challenge

The second blog hop I choose to participate in was Jeannie Dukic's 4th Do Over Challenge. 
I was first introduced to Jeannie by way of her wonderful art beads she creates from polymer clay.  Jeannie is a multi-talented artist. You can see her beautiful jewelry designs at .
Occasionally Jeannie decides to host a little challenge where she sends jewelry she created , but has become bored with,  to others to  "Do Over" . You never know what you will receive when you enter this event. I eagerly waited for my packet to arrive ! This is the jewelry she choose for me to work with.

Decision to Have a Blog

Howdy, I am known as dr Mowse. People I meet , as I travel along my creative journey , have asked why I did not have a blog. It was a difficult decision to make. It seems as if I already have a lack of free time , too many things to do on my lists , and it would mean learning to use another application on the computer/internet.  Not to mention, I found it hard to believe anyone would really be that interested in what I would have to offer.

Even my horoscope recently was insisting - 
"Your Daily Horoscope : You are the center of attention today, people will be extremely interested in hearing what you think or have to say.  You have an opportunity to make new friends , to expand your social circle , and to reconnect with friends and family far away ."
 No matter where I turned it seemed to insist I get started.

Then I became more involved with the jewelry making artists. They have these wonderful blog hops !  I was invited by Lori Anderson , to participate in her 6th Bead Soup Blog Party . In order to take part in the events, you guessed it , one must have a blog ! This pushed me over the reluctance issues and into the world of blogging.

A warm W E L C O M E  to all who stop in and visit.