Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors...
“For many, they are merely a passing flight of fancy, flittering about the childhood imagination and dissolving on impact into sceptical adulthood. Who in their right mind believes in fairies? Well, for fairy researcher Jonathan Wright, a 46-year-old storyteller and illustrator, and fellow residents of the quaint but quirky Michigan town of Ann Arbor (all of whom are in full control of their mental faculties), fairies are as real as the tiny doors that have been mysteriously popping up around town - numbering at least 20 to date.”

By Mel Bezalel  - The Guardian, Friday 23 June 2006

This creative swap involved the members of the Polymer Clay Swaps on Facebook . The challenge was to create a fairy door using polymer clay. You could include other materials if you wanted.

Off to the research lab of course . So many different styles and varieties ! The fairies of the world can hardly be bored . There were doors of stained glass , wooden, ceramic, fabric, clay, stone, and every other material .

We received our partners names today ! ( November 8th ) My partner is Patty Woods of the USA . You can read more about her on her Facebook page - . We agreed on a Celtic theme for our doors.

Here is the little fairy door I sent to her.

It is a free standing piece measuring about 5 inches tall.

You can see the wonderful creations the others exchanged here -

*Sad note : sorry to say I never received a fairy door from my partner.

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