Sunday, April 21, 2013

5th Do Over Challenge

Jewelry by Jeannie  offers a jewelry challenge every so often.

I was lucky enough to participate in the last one and really enjoyed it.  Rushed to sign up for this one ! 

Here's how it works:
Jeannie will send you an old, tried, boring piece of her jewelry for free and you will work your magic and turn it into something beautiful and amazing. There will be a small entry fee  to cover shipping and handling. 
The jewelry she is  sending out for this challenge are designs she made when she was new to jewelry-making and has decided  not to sell.  This is NOT jewelry currently listed on her website! There will be no art beads of any kind in what you receive.
Can't guarantee what you get or that you will even like it. Just have fun and keep within the spirit of what this challenge is about; DO OVER/CHALLENGE! It will not be in any fancy packaging when you receive it.

My package arrived and I dove in !   Want to take a peek ?

                                                       Strand of Lucite and wood
                Set created with AB Glass chips & Glass Donuts

These are the pieces I am to do over !

I carefully took each one apart and stored the pieces on my work desk.  Would take them out occasionally, waiting for them to speak to me.  They were silent at first. So I went on with other projects. One of which was creating some polymer clay focal beads to fill up my supply cabinet for upcoming shows.

I just randomly start making the beads and pop them in to bake !  As I am cleaning and buffing them several jump out and ask to be included in the do over ! Then as I am digging through my stash to find little this and thats to work with an adorned shell begs to be included too !  I end up laying out and redoing bead designs into the wee hours of the next day ... well , actually, Hubby said, at 5 am , that I really needed to go to bed for a bit !

Having not worked with glass chips before I had a learning process to go through. Little devils are slippery ! 

I know, enough of the chit chat - show us the pretties !

First I divided the AB Glass chips up into two portions.

Using the first portion  of the chips and the larger of the two

glass discs  I set out to incorporate my first focal bead. I 

added a few Swarovski crystals in pink and purple to pick up

 the colors in the focal. Filled the strand out with clear Czech

  glass beads. A few silverplated findings and this is the result.

The balance of the AB glass chips  and the smaller of the two

 glass discs joined the polymer clay adorned seashell.


up a scoop of smaller sea shells and a few wood beads for 

accents. A little wire work and pulled them all together.

Then I turned my attention to the strand of Lucite and wood

 beads.   I knew exactly which focal bead I wanted to pair 

them with.  Added a few Chalcedny that I had from bead fair

 purchase and  Here we go .

The glass chips were a real challenge for me. So many little 

pieces in so many different shapes and thicknesses.  The AB

coating on them makes matching up other beads  a daylight 

event.   I am pleased with the final pieces and hope I found  

a new life for these !

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and browse the other 


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Molly Alexander (you are here!)
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If you are interested in seeing more of focal beads I create  

they are at .


  1. That top necklace is perfect for spring aqua and mauve and your focal on that second one is gorgeous... I would love to wear it! This challenge was so much fun... I'm going to be away for the next one.. wondering if she will mail me a make over kit early! Even though I'm a glass artist I've never worked with glass chips! Glad your blog is now accesable!

  2. Well worth waiting for! Love what you did with these, I really liked the glass circles, and wondered how they would work with the new focals. Wooooo hooo. Great combinations. and the first necklace (second in the reveal) is such a great match with the large polymer focal!

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